Compete Baseball Academy will also be very active in parent education as well as providing injury prevention wellness programs.

Dr. Shane Barton and his professional colleagues are on board with Compete Baseball Academy to provide seminars that will educate parents and coaches on how to keep our kids healthy and playing without injuries. We plan on having seminars on how to keep youth arms healthy, and educate parents on how to help manage the pitching load they have in formative years.

​​Stay tuned for details!

"Players who question their playing time should first question their practice time." - Coach Matt Lisle 

"Play and practice like you are trying to make the team." - Coach Mike Krzyzewski


COMPETE BASEBALL ACADEMY (CBA) is created to redefine youth baseball in Northwest Louisiana: the goal is to make fundamental training with qualified instructors a priority.  Playing a large number of games is not going to hurt a players growth - but why not invest in proper training from the most competent coaches in our area?  In the Shreveport/Bossier City area we have a wealth of teachers who have professional, collegiate, and high level coaching experience, and they ALL know that there is greater value in training more correctly with emphasis on proper fundamentals.

In most cases, the measuring stick of success in youth baseball is WINNING, and with this belief comes unnecessary pressure from parents and coaches with unreasonable expectations. Baseball is a game that has so much failure, and as coaches we have to TEACH young ballplayers how to overcome strikeouts, errors, and basically whenever things don't go our way.  Success is not always determined by what you see on the scoreboard or in the standings!  To become a skilled baseball player is a PROCESS, a journey of ups and downs, failures and successes.  Children have a myriad of ways of learning & developing - and no two of them are alike.  It is important to understand that not one high school/college coach or professional scout have any interest on how many rings and trophies our kids have. If our kids are going to compete at higher levels, they need to have fundamental skills that make them valuable, contributing factors to a team. 

One of the best articles I have

read is a very popular "manifesto" put

together by St. Louis Cardinals manager Mike

Matheny.  The heartfelt letter turned into a

book, and should be digested by parents and

coaches. (Thanks to for permission to publish).

                                                                                         Click above for "The Matheny Manifesto."


Let's get educated, stop pressuring our kids, and invest in what really counts:  their future in the sport.  TRUST THE PROCESS.

"Talent determines what you can do.  Motivation determines how much you are willing to do.  Attitude determines how well you do it." - Coach Lou Holtz

"Confidence is what happens when you've done the hard work that entitles you to succeed." - Coach Pat Summitt

"Don't be afraid to fail.  EXPERIENCE is just mistakes you don't make anymore." - Coach Joe Garagiola

"When you improve a little each day, eventually big things occur." - Coach John Wooden